floating floor.

Isolamin floating floor system is a cost efficient way to cut out noise and vibration. It provides A60 fire resistance in a very time saving way compared to pinning insulation from underneath the steel deck. It can be delivered in aluminium but only in the fire class C. By using Isolamin’s floating floor is the complete accommodation isolated from structure born noise and vibrations. This is very important regarding reducing the noice level in cabinets and public area onboard.

Isolamin floating floor is made of…

Isolamin floating floor is made of a 3 mm steel sheet with bent edges, glued on to a 50 or 70 mm mineral wool slab. The square panels are placed in a brick patterna and are attached to each other with spot welds. The joints are then filled with a putty compound. The bulkhead and lining panels are then attached by a U-profile directly on top of the floating floor.

Main advantages with Isolamin floating floor system:

  • Very good vibration and noise reducer.
  • Very good sound reduction up to 53 dB Rw.
  • Very good fire rating up to A60.
  • Very easy and quick to assemble.
  • Eliminate insulation underneath the steel deck.
  • Makes a pleasant low sound level in all spacec above.
  • Gives a feeling of a softer floor than a concrete based floor.
  • Saves weight and gives therefore a good operating economy.
  • Reusable.