Superior accommodation systems
for Marine & Offshore.

Isolamin began production of interior bulkheads, linings, false ceilings, floating floors and profiles as a system for marine use, already in the early seventies. The system is fulfilling the customers and users demands as well as all applicable rules and regulations stipulated by authorities and Classification Societies. In cooperation with ship owners, naval architects, marine engineers, ship builders, joiners and end users the systems have been further developed and refined.

The product

The demand for fire protection, sound reduction and appearance are fulfilled by the combination of selected materials as pvc coated steel sheets and mineral wool.
The Isolamin interior system contains all necessary components for use in ferries, cruise ships, tankers, bulk carriers, living quarter modules and oil rigs.
A most important part of the requirements of being an approved supplier to the marine and offshore markets is to have updated certificates from Classification Societies and authorities worldwide.

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