isolamin_industribr_eng_lowres8Isolamin industrial buildings

Isolamin industrial buildings is an easy to install interior building system for rapid establishing of new offices, rest rooms etc indoors in workshops and industry buildings. The installation time is normally cut to one fifth compared with traditional building methods. The need for labour on site is reduced as well as the overall building time. Isolamin industrial buildings are delivered as complete sets of components with tailor made sizes.

  • Together with the extensive design and specification service offered the entire project will be safe and easy to manage.
  • The concept consists of Firewall 30, Firewall 60 and Economy wall.
  • The only limit is the customers need for space and function. Isolamin will supply wall and ceiling panels, windows, doors and profiles in a complete system with no need for adjustment on site. Installation plans, manuals and other necessary documents are included in each delivery. The Isolamin staff design and deliver, in cooperation with the customer, the function and quality needed.
  • The system is tested and approved for sound reductions up to 49 dB and can, if needed, be equipped with perforated steel sheets for even better sound absorption. The panels are, at the same time, securing a full integrity. Due to the sandwich design, with a core of insultation material, a comfortable indoor climate is obtained in for example semi-heated storages, deleivery sheds and hangars. Each panel can be exchanged and the entire system can me moved and reused.