A very rigid
sandwich panel.

Isolamin wall panels are made of two layers of steel or aluminium sheets glued to a core of transversally oriented mineral wool of high density or EPS. The result is a very rigid sandwich panel.

Design service

  • Planning and dimensioning of wall panels, false ceilings and profiles according to the customer’s needs.
  • Complete with doors, inspectation hatches, windows and profiles.
  • All products have standard approval certificates regarding incombustible properties, Class EI30-EI120 and sound proofing, 29-53 dB Rw.
  • Tested and approved components give reduced insurance fees.
  • Tailor-made panels, easy to cut and adjust.
  • Packed according to mounting sequence.
  • Short installation time gives good economy.
  • Reusable and easu to reinstall.
  • Self-supporting
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