renrummenComplete and tight
clean room solution.

Advanced production methods in electronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food industry and slaughter houses demand very high degree of cleanliness. For those environments, Isolamin Clean room is the obvious choice due to its flexibility to rebuild and relocate when the need changes. Entire walls or individual panels are easy to install and remove. The walls have a smooth and durable surface for easy cleaning.

Why choose Isolamin Clean rooms?

  • Complete and tight clean room solution with walls, doors, windows, ceiling and prfiles as a tailor made system.
  • Stand on its own – self supporting.
  • Flush connections by prefabricated corners and T-elements.
  • Smooth transistions to doors and windows.
  • High sound reduction.
  • Fire safety class E130-El120.
  • Sealing class up to D according to EU standard 1507-:2002.
  • Many different surface materials e.g stainless steel, pvc-coated or painted galvanised steel.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Numbers of reference projects.
  • Spray tight.

For detailed product information, please ask for brochures and specifications.