Isolamin supplies 6000 sqm sandwich panels to the Color Hybrid ferry

Isolamin has received an order of 6000 m² sandwich panels to the world’s largest plug-in hybrid ship Color Hybrid NB311, currently being built by Ulstein Verft AS on their yards in Ulsteinvik, Norway.

Color Hybrid NB311

When the ship is completed it will be able to transport 2000 passengers while also being equipped with 100 cabins for crew members. The panels supplied by Isolamin will, among other things, be used to build these cabins, but also for other designated spaces aboard the ferry.

The sandwich panels will be produced in Isolamin’s manufacturing facility during October and November, 2018. Delivery to the shipyard in Ulsteinvik will happen in three stages under the same period.

Isolamin’s Sales Manager Maria Öjercrantz explains, “Isolamin’s sandwich panels are perfectly adapted for this purpose. They are designed to achieve both the noise reduction values ​​and fire classes as desired. In addition, the panels are very easy to mount while giving the room a finished wall surface.”

Maria adds, “Norway is a big marine market for us and with the steady increase in the number of requests we receive, we see very promising conditions for continued order growth.”

“We also have extensive knowledge and experience with this type of project so it was a perfect fit,” sums up Maria.

Owner and orderer of the ship is the Color Line shipping company. The new ship will go between Sandefjord in Norway and Strömstad in Sweden, from June 2019.

Read more about Color Hybrid (external link)

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