Isolamin has received an  order for panels to the  oil platform Amherstia

Isolamin has won an order from the Swedish oil rig manufacturer Apply Elmtunga AB. The order includes floating floors (floorboards), wall and ceiling panels to be used in the construction of the “Living Quarters” for the new oil platform Amherstia.


The three-storey accommodation platform (with an area of 1082 m2) is built by Apply Elmtunga AB in Arendal, Gothenburg and will then be moved to the Amherstia gas field off Trinidad and Tobago.
Isolamin has previously delivered to several of the Apply Elmtungas projects, including the Amherstias sister platform Mahogany B.

About Isolamin

Isolamin is an innovative company that designs, produces and markets a complete building system based on a sandwich construction with steel sheet which is glued on both sides of an insulating core material. Depending on the application and performance requirements the elements is designed with the characteristics required. With Isolamin elaborate design and layout systems a technical / economical end product is achieved regardless of requirements for fire class resistance, sound reduction, weight, aesthetics and / or corrosion resistance.
The products are sold to shipyards and platform builders, building contractors, property owners, industries, municipalities and government agencies worldwide.