One of the worlds
leading suppliers.

Isolamin is one of the worlds leading suppliers of products and customer oriented solutions within sandwich panels where high demands are basic for sound reduction, stability, tightness, fire safety, aesthetics, environment and quality.

The market

Isolamin works basically within two market segments, Marine & Offshore and Building & Industry. Within Marine & Offshore the customers are spread world wide where there are shipbuilding and offshore activities. The Building & Industry division has its customers close by within Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

The products

The product range consists of wall, ceiling and floor panels with matching profiles. The wall panels are connected to each other with a unique joint giving stability and flexibility. Each panel is easily inter-changeable.


SS-EN ISO 9001:2015 certifyied. Isolamin is continuously working with product development. The entire product range is certified by certifying bodies world wide. Isolamin has more than 200 certificates and patents.


Isolamin is well known for it’s high service level. Manuals and instructions are comprehensive and easy to understand. Deliveries of spare parts and supplementary orders are quickly performed. All employees are aware of the need for quick respons to the customers need.

Sites of activity

All production takes place in Överkalix, a small community, beautifully situated by the Kalix river 40 km south of the Arctic Circle. The main sales office is also placed here. The Building & Industry Division also runs sales office in Stockholm.