Steel and mineral wool

Simple is

Simpel is beautiful and in fact it is very simpel. It all consists of steel and mineral wool. Together those materials creates panels with ideal properties.

Founded 1973

When Isolamin was founded in the very northern part of Sweden in 1973, the first panels were produced by galvanised steel sheets, glued to a soft core of transversally oriented mineral wool slabs. Those fire proof, sound reducing and self supported sandwich panels became almost instantly the first choice of ship builders and ship owners world wide.

Unsurpassed flexibility

The unique connection system gives a smooth wall surface at the same time as it creates rigidity and unsurpassed flexibility. It is easy to see why the Isolamin panels have been a success all around the world among many different users. Ship builders in China, building contractors in Egypt and offshore builders in Sweden can, together with thousands of users in many countries, give evidence of the benefits, not only from the builders point of view but also from the end users.