Thermal rooms for hardening

We have been visiting our client Skultuna Flexible. They are building thermal rooms with our custom made panels. These rooms will be used to thermal hardening of a few types of their laminated products.

Quick and easy

Building with Isolamin panels is fast and easy. Here’s an example of it. Half the room is set up after only a few hours work.

Earlier deliveries

At the same time we took a look at the industrial rooms we delivered to Skultuna Flexible a few years ago. Pictures of those below. These rooms serve their purpose where there are demands for segregated environments. Among other things, to limit the amount of dust and dust in certain production processes.

Skultuna FlexibleSkultuna Flexible

Skultuna Flexible manufactures unique, flexible laminates for electrical energy, RFID, mobile telephony, antennas, radiators, solar cells, packaging and many other products and product areas.