Complete wall systems for all environments

Panels for construction
and industry,
marine and offshore.

Isolamin is one of the worlds leading suppliers of products and customer
oriented solutions within sandwich panels where high demands are basic
for sound reduction, stability, tightness, fire safety, aesthetics, environment and quality.

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Product area

Large modules.

We offer the market complete housing modules produced in an industrial environment. They are delivered directly from our factory in Överkalix. Lift them into place, connect electricity, water and drains to the shaft. That’s all there is to it.

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Product category

Building and Industry.

The Isolamin wall panel is a rigid, non-combustible and sound-absorbing sandwich element that forms a system together with ceiling panels, floating floors, profiles, windows and doors. A unique joining system secure quick mounting, easy demounting and the possibility to reuse/relocate the panels. The appearance is aesthetic.

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Product category

Marine and Offshore.

Interior bulkheads, linings, false ceilings, floating floors and profiles as a system for marine use. The system is fulfilling the customers and users demands as well as all applicable rules and regulations stipulated by authorities and Classification Societies. In cooperation with ship owners, naval architects, marine engineers, ship builders, joiners and end users the systems have been further developed and refined.

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